About Us

Welcome to Hello Music! Hello Music is dedicated to giving all musicians access to awesome insider opportunities, typically reserved for top-tier signed artists.

What exactly is Hello Music?

Hello Music is a members-only daily deals platform for musicians. We work every day on behalf of musicians to pre-negotiate huge discounts on limited quantities of instruments and gear. Playing music is expensive and musicians deserve a break. That’s where we come in.

Why Join?

Only members can take advantage of Hello Music’s great deals. Membership is free and it’s fast and easy to sign up. We send our members a daily deal email right when our deals go live, so you’ll be the first to see what we’ve got to offer. Join now!

How Hello Music Works

We feature different musical instruments and gear every day, but we’re not a traditional store. We feature great deals from great brands, and we pass those deals directly on to our members. Items are generally featured for 24 hours. Some deals might last a bit longer, but when our deals are gone, they’re gone!

Contact Us 

Tel: (213) 534-7780
Email: support@hellomusic.com

Hello Music
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