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Tascam Headphones TH-2000R


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    What It Is:
    TASCAM has been supplying and revolutionizing the market with professional grade products for decades. The TH-2000 Headphones are top of the line and provide a value that only TASCAM is able to reach. No matter what genre you prefer or what application you use them in, you’ll find in the TH-2000’s.

    Why this is a great opportunity:
    TASCAM made a splash with the original, highly-regarded TH-02 headphones and are now taking a step further with the TH-2000. The TH-2000’s will fit any musical genre of choice, lifestyle or profession. Share the trust that professionals and beginners alike have invested in the TASCAM brand since 1956.

    Hello Music SKU: TAS-TH-2000

    • Powerful Bass response that adds energy to your audio
    • Brilliant Mids that round out the mix
    • Crystaline Highs for a strong presence & clarity
    • Comfort for hours of listening & use
    • Durability for security & longevity
    • Foldable Design for Easy Compact Transport
    • Circumaural Ear Cuffs with Industrial Strength Flexible Headband
    • Closed-Back Isolating Design with Clean Sound • Rich Bass Response & Crisp Highs
    • Black Leatherette Bag for Added Protection & Transport When Not In Use
    • Screw-On 1/8” (3.5mm) to 1/4” (6.3mm) Adapter)